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  • n. Greek Mythology A king of Mycenae who unknowingly ate the flesh of his own sons, served to him by his brother Atreus, as revenge for seducing his wife and usurping the throne.

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  • n. An extinct genus of fishes belonging to the subclass Ostracodermi, of the family Cephalaspidæ, characterized by the presence of three or four series of dorsolateral scales fused into a continuous plate behind the headshield. The body is depressed, and ovoid in cross-section. From the Upper Silurian and Lower Old Red Sandstone.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Greek Thuestēs.


  • This was followed up by the commendation of Varius, already celebrated as a writer of Epic poetry, and whose tragedy of "Thyestes," if we are to trust


  • Former JMK award-winner Polly Findlay has done some fine, often edgy work with shows such as the scorching Thyestes at the Arcola Theatre and a coolly confident production of Penelope Skinner's Eigengrau at the Bush.

    This week's new theatre and dance

  • I fain would learn the way and means my brother took to slay Thyestes 'son.


  • Well, Atreus slew Thyestes 'children and feasted him on them; but, - passing over intermediate events-from Atreus and Aerope of


  • He it was that begat Pelops, the father of Atreus, for whom the goddess, when she had carded her wool, spun a web of strife, even to the making of war with his own brother Thyestes.


  • Greek tragedy treated of far more horrible and revolting themes, such as the banquet of Thyestes: and Dante did not shrink from describing the unnatural meal of Ugolino.

    Oscar Wilde, His Life and Confessions

  • Tragical examples are too common in this kind, both new and old, in all ages, as of [6158] Cephalus and Procris, [6159] Phaereus of Egypt, Tereus, Atreus, and Thyestes.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • When the poet introduces on the stage a Thyestes or an


  • STRANGER: There did really happen, and will again happen, like many other events of which ancient tradition has preserved the record, the portent which is traditionally said to have occurred in the quarrel of Atreus and Thyestes.

    The Statesman

  • You have heard what happened in the quarrel of Atreus and Thyestes?

    The Statesman


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