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  • proper n. The fourth solar month of the Persian calendar.


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From Persian تیر


  • The old man continued to walk round and round, fingering a dumb tune on his fiddle that he did not bow, while the sunlight glistened hot and bright in his unwinking eyes; there was a faint smile on his lips, he heard as little as he saw; it was evident that he was away where "beyond these voices there is peace," in the fairy country that his forefathers called the Tir na'n Oge.

    All on the Irish Shore Irish Sketches

  • Our groupies would be known as Tir na Clutter Dust Bunnies...

    Don't blog angry

  • I had an awesome weekend, hanging out with Liz Maverick, Hope Tarr, Leanna Renee Heiber and Stacey Agdern, listening to a group of singers on Saturday night at a great Irish pub near Penn Station called Tir Na Nog and having a writing day yesterday where I managed to write 8 handwritten pages on the novel that will never end.

    Movie Review: Leatherheads

  • They walked among the first mortal tribes and they were feared by the mortal children of the new age: but as humankind grew stronger, the Sidhe withdrew to the realm called Tir na nog, the land beyond mortal understanding.

    IGN PC

  • The acrobats paraded Cortina again this brilliant Sunday morning about nine o'clock, and the discord of their drums and trumpets went on all day long, to the accompaniment of the church-bells and the intermittent firing of the sharp-shooters down at the "Tir" by the river-side.

    Untrodden Peaks and Unfrequented Valleys

  • The paper notes that radiometric surface temperature "Tir" is different from 2-m shelter height air temperature.


  • Winchester Rifle, 1 "Tir" rifle and an air pistol were found in his house.


  • Ye're in me place now, in County Dilnamarra in the wood called Tir na n'Og. "

    The Woods Out Back

  • Ibernian word (y) Tierna or Ticarna, which fig - nifies a fupreme lord or king, and is derived from the radical word Tir-land, Lat. terra, Hifp. tierra, is ftill taken in a favourable fenfe in the Iri (h language, nay, is fo far from having any thing odious in its fignification, that they exprefs the fupreme Lord God by the words Tierna Dia.

    Collectanea de Rebus Hibernicis

  • Mr. Makan regarding government ban of memorial service for Neda Agha Setan said: We were going to hold her memorial Monday 1st of Tir at 2: 30 PM at a mosque at Sharyati street north of Seyed Khandan.

    Iran Election Live-Blogging (Monday June 22)


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