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  • MILES O'BRIEN, CNN ANCHOR: Some possibly significant news from Afghanistan this morning, This from the Associated Press reporting that tribal fighters, the Eastern Alliance, have captured the last al Qaeda positions in the area we call Tora Bora, the area now familiar to you.

    CNN Transcript Dec 16, 2001

  • By mid-December, American planes were pounding the slopes above the valley known as Tora Bora in eastern Afghanistan where bin Laden and al-Zawahiri were thought to be.

    Osama bin Laden obituary

  • Cautious officers should recall Tora Bora: Osama bin Laden escaped because someone objected to the risk of sending U.S. troops to find him.

    His End Must Come Quickly

  • That backs up other recent accounts, including that of military author Sean Naylor, who calls Tora Bora a "strategic disaster" because the Pentagon refused to deploy a cordon of conventional forces to cut off escaping Qaeda and Taliban members.


  • There are a lot of generals and intelligence officers who have been telling us that he was surrounded at a place called Tora Bora and that he escaped because we lost focus on that mission and withdrew most of the troops to send them to invade a country that never attacked us.

    CNN Transcript May 26, 2007

  • If you remember a place called Tora Bora, well, U.S. officials are now confirming today that the U.S. and Afghan military has a major offensive under way in Tora Bora, those very remote mountains of eastern Afghanistan where back in late 2001, the U.S. launched an attack there to try to find Osama bin Laden.

    CNN Transcript Aug 15, 2007

  • And in this documentary, we take a look at his management style, at the decisions that were made, and on the central debate over troop strength, a debate that actually first came to the forefront in the place called Tora Bora where the prize got away, Osama bin Laden.

    CNN Transcript Sep 29, 2006

  • The fact of the matter is, that the number of dots on the page at the time when the allegation is that we had, I think, Osama bin Laden surrounded with a thousand of his people at the place called Tora Bora, that was one of a great many dots on a piece of paper at that time.

    CNN Transcript Sep 30, 2004

  • I suspect that during the American bombing of Tora Bora, that is in late last fall, that bin Laden's group was split up, and that some of his bodyguards may have been separated from bin Laden's group.

    CNN Transcript Jul 31, 2002

  • QUESTION: I actually have a question that relates to today's event that possibly relates to Tora Bora, that is that one of the criticisms we heard was that the command structure for Afghanistan complicated the Tora Bora problem enormously.

    CNN Transcript Apr 17, 2002


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