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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the family Psittacidae.


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  • Among these are listed the spot-winged parrotlet Touit stictoptera (VU), redfaced parrot Hapalopsittaca pyrrhops (VU), little woodstar Acestrura bombus (VU), coppery-chested jacamar Galbula pastazae (VU) and masked mountain tanager Buthraupis wetmorei (VU).

    Sangay National Park, Ecuador

  • 23 5 Kiskadee; _Pitangus s. sulphuratus_ (Linné) 25 26 Parrakeets; _Touit batavica_ (Bodd.) 26 Great Black Orioles; _Ostinops d. decumanus_ (Pall.) 26 5 House Wrens; _Troglodytes musculus clarus_ Berl. and Hart

    Edge of the Jungle

  • 49 26 Parrakeets; _Touit batavica_ (Bodd.) 52 3 Purple-throated Cotinga; _Cotinga cayana_ (Linné) 53 15 Dark-breasted Mourner; _Lipaugus simplex_ Licht.

    Edge of the Jungle


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