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  • After the second block of numbers: toward is changed in Toward

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  • One of the most influential neocon texts, a 1996 essay in the journal Foreign Affairs by William Kristol and Robert Kagan, was titled "Toward a Neo-Reaganite Foreign Policy".

    Ronald Reagan was no hawk – and certainly no neocon | Mehdi Hasan

  • Also, Orwell's essential conditions for the revolution to develop towards Democratic Socialism, set out in "Toward European Unity", were all not fulfilled — Western Europe is occupied and in no condition to join in the revolution, and Britain is inextricably tied to both the U.S. and to its oppressive overseas empire.

    Background information for George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four

  • She founded TURN, originally called Toward Utility Rate Normalization, from her kitchen table in 1973.

    We Remember - Sylvia Siegel, 1918 - 2007

  • In a lengthy section of her book entitled Toward a Westernized Modernity, Afary demonstrates how the trend toward modernization which emerged during the Constitutional Revolution of 1906 and which gave the Persian monarchy its first parliament was heavily influenced by concepts harvested from the West.

    On traditionalism: how homoeroticism flourished in medieval Persia, and how political homophobia came to be imported from the West

  • Strange, his upcoming Sept 30, 2005 talk in Minnesota is entitled Toward an Intelligent Understanding of the Intelligent Design Hypothesis

    Zimmer on whales - The Panda's Thumb

  • The source that I found most interesting was not a study, but a proposed theory of "leisure travel satisfaction" by Joseph Sirgy, also at Virgina Tech, in a paper called "Toward a Quality-of-Life Theory of Leisure Travel" PDF; requires registration, named best paper by the Travel and Tourism Research Association last year.

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  • The Vatican endorsed the symposium - called "Toward Healing and Renewal" - the aim of which was changing the culture of how the church deals with cases of pedophile priests.


  • She was the only victim to attend the symposium, called "Toward Healing and Renewal."


  • The Minnesota program, called Toward Zero Deaths, started in 2004 and works off the premise that nearly all crashes are preventable. rss feed


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