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  • A region comprising present-day Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan between the Caucasus Mountains and the borders of Turkey and Iran.

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  • proper n. Mountainous region of southwest Asia, lying south of Caucasus Mountains and comprising republics of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Also known as South Caucasus.

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  • n. a geographical region to the south of the Caucasus Mountains and to the north of Turkey that comprises Georgia and Armenia and Azerbaijan


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From trans- +‎ Caucasus, translation of Russian Закавказье (Zakavkáz'je), "beyond Caucasus mountains", as viewed from the side of Russia.


  • He rose through the state security services, and by 1930 he was running the OGPU in Transcaucasia.

    Twenty Letters to a Father

  • In the summer of 1917, Sarah Shor spent a vacation in Alexandropol, a Russian town in Transcaucasia, where she was forced to live for an entire year because the transport system collapsed following the revolutionary chaos.

    Sarah Shor.

  • The "German-Turkish threat to India",: Iran's occupation by Britain and British intervention in Transcaucasia and Transcaspia, 1914-1920.

    Colin Powell Writes to Gen. David Petraeus

  • That is why they are enduring grinding poverty and preposterous taxation, and that is why their young men are rolling up to the armies and dying without complaint in Gallipoli and Transcaucasia.


  • Kikodze criticized the Soviet Union but defended Russia, which developed Tbilisi in the nineteenth century as the capital of Transcaucasia.

    Where Europe Vanishes

  • The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was organized, bringing together Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Transcaucasia in one federation.

    1922, April 10-May 19

  • War with Persia (See 1826–28) resulted from a Persian attack on Russian possessions in Transcaucasia.


  • The empire thereby became firmly established in Transcaucasia and along the Euphrates.


  • Independent governments were established all along the Russian frontiers (Lithuania, Dec. 11, 1917; Moldova, Dec. 15; Republic of the Don, Jan. 10, 1918; Ukraine, Jan. 28; Transcaucasia, April 22; etc.).


  • He is the author of The Struggle for Transcaucasia, 1917-1921 and Russia and Britain in Persia,

    Members Named To Us Commission On Religious Freedom


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