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  • See Jordan.

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  • proper n. A former Ottoman territory incorporated into the British Mandate of Palestine in 1921 as an autonomous political division.


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trans- +‎ Jordan


  • In East Is West (1945) the British traveler and diplomat Freya Stark quoted a British official in Transjordan as saying "Years of Arab courtesy spoil us for the rough and tumble of the Western World."

    Israel Now

  • The division of the region between British and French mandates, and the creation of the Arab kingdoms that they sponsored in Transjordan and Iraq, sundered that loose but historic unity.

    Shedding Light on Lebanon

  • Eastern Palestine now took the name Transjordan, which it retained until April 1949, when it was renamed as Jordan.

    Israel Hasbara Committee

  • Eastern Palestine now took the name Transjordan ...

    My Right Word

  • Then in 1922, two thirds of palestine was broken off by the british to become an exclusively Arab country, called Transjordan, which later became Jordan.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • The Zionists did not get 55% of the land – 80% of Palestine had been made into a new country called Transjordan in 1922, with a Hashemite Royal family (imported by the British colonialists) from Saudi Arabia.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • The next day, all of its neighbors—Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and what was then called Transjordan, with troops from Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen as well—began an attack against Israeli forces.

    The Great Experiment

  • Another throne was needed, so an emirate called Transjordan was created out of some remote desert regions of the Palestine Mandate, and Abdullah had his crown, though little authority.

    Palestine Peace Not Apartheid

  • His surveys in southern Transjordan and the Negev desert revealedhundreds of sites from the same period.

    The Bible Unearthed

  • Or, for instance, of the Ottoman Empire previously or the British Mandate, or even the results of the Jordanian Annexation of the West Bank in the early 1950's, transforming what was once the British-named "Transjordan" (with obvious implications) into "The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan," i.e.,

    Robert Eisenman: Christiane Amanpour's God's Warriors, "the Jews," and "the Occupied Territories": Is this for Real?


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