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  • proper n. A taxonomic subfamily within the family Reduviidae — the kissing bugs.


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Triatoma +‎ -inae


  • Infections in humans occur where people live in close proximity to blood-sucking insect (Hemiptera; Triatominae) transmitters of An impressive feature of virulent T. cruzi is the high amount of extra-nuclear mitochondrial DNA known as the kinetoplast (kDNA), accounting for 15 to 30% of the total cellular DNA, with a massive number of minicircles in a catenated network

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  • "Curto de Casas and Carcavallo (1984) studied the southern dispersion of Triatominae species and concluded that the critical climatic factor is the number of days with temperatures above 20oC"


  • Triatominae) that carries the parasite causing Chagas disease-an often-fatal infection that affects millions of people in Central and

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