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  • Mine, for example, has discovered the hair-pullingly-frustrating personality quality I've labeled, "Tricksy Hobbit."

    Meredith Lopez: Adventures of the Tricksy Hobbit

  • Tricksy hobbitses, always keeping it from us… : Seriously, this is bad news.

    Guillermo del Toro Gives Up Directing ‘The Hobbit’ Films

  • Tricksy watched Claypits win the 2.30 with insulting ease and drank down his dented self-esteem with the last of the beer.

    The Elvis Latte

  • In winter Tricksy was of the opinion that only mugs struggled to travel to work through snow and sleet, while sensible guys stayed warm in front of the TV, betting on the jumpers; and in spring there was rain, and in the autumn, fog.

    The Elvis Latte

  • Tricksy, seeing his image in the bedroom mirror only as far down as the knees, was confident that the dark suit, dim tie and brown felt trilby gave him the look of a proper race-going gent.

    The Elvis Latte

  • Tricksy knew from past experience that he would have a much easier time inside as the owner of a large hidden cache.

    The Elvis Latte

  • Eleven years of Tricksy had left her cheerful, unresentful, and practical.

    The Elvis Latte

  • But Tricksy was a loner who avoided gang life on the grounds that it was too much like hard work; bossed around all the time, and with no pension rights into the bargain.

    The Elvis Latte

  • Tricksy at thirty-four had brought unemployment to a fine art and considered the idea of a full honest day's work to be a joke.

    The Elvis Latte

  • 'Tricksy must have had a partner,' said the police officer in charge morosely.

    The Elvis Latte


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