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  • adj. of, from, or relating to, Tripolitania
  • n. An inhabitant of Tripolitania


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  • The Tripolitanian woman, Alégrina Benchimol informed the Alliance, is intelligent, extraordinarily active and has an indomitable energy.

    Alliance Israelite Universelle, Teachers of.

  • The next day, with a heavy sea mist at last beginning to burn off, we came in sight of the Tripolitanian coast.

    The Skrayling Tree

  • The Tripolitanian delegation expressed its willingness to drop the demand for independence in exchange for internal autonomy and full legal equality for its people with Italians.

    d. Libya

  • “Look!” she said, pointing part way between Carthage and Cyrene, to a spot on the Tripolitanian coastline.

    Two For The Lions

  • Because the three lanistae came from different Tripolitanian towns, a huge murmur went up and the atmosphere sizzled with rivalry.

    Two For The Lions

  • Tripolitanian beast exporters seemed to spend a great deal of time on the hoof.

    Two For The Lions

  • Right around the double curves of the dangerous Syrtes, eastwards past the Tripolitanian sector of Africa, into Cyrenaica, and almost as far as Egypt in fact, lay the town of Cyrene which had once been the resplendent entrepot for the sought-after silphium The troubled waters of the great bays Syrtis Minor and Syrtis Major, across which our traveller would now have to transport himself on his mad quest, had sunk quite a few ships.

    Two For The Lions

  • Whereas the principal building materials in Cyrenaïca had been red-toned, Tripolitanian cities were gold and gray.

    Two For The Lions

  • “If it's one of my old Tripolitanian girlfriends she'll be a hundred and on crutches by now.”

    Two For The Lions

  • As Justinus knelt down to touch the “corpse,” a resounding yell of terror rose to the Tripolitanian skies.

    Two For The Lions


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