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Trobriand Islands


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • An island group of Papua New Guinea in the Solomon Sea off eastern New Guinea. The islands were occupied by Allied forces in June 1943.


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  • When the anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski remarked on the similarity of two brothers in the Trobriand Islands, this was taken as a great insult.


  • Discovering that it was anthropology, describing village life in the Trobriand Islands, he boasted that it proved he was an intellectual, and flashed it like a badge, saying, "I'm real area-dite."


  • The Trobriand Islands rain forests and Louisiade Archipelago rain forests were made distinct ecoregions based on Stattersfield et al. MacKinnon placed these two ecoregions together into subunit P3o.

    Louisiade Archipelago rain forests

  • According to Whitmore, Woodlark and the Trobriand Islands consist primarily of lowland rain forest on limestone substrates.

    Trobriand Islands rain forests

  • There are thirty-eight mammal species in the Trobriand Islands Rain Forests.

    Trobriand Islands rain forests

  • One of these birds, the curl-crested manucode, is found on all three major islands of the D'Entrecasteaux group and in the Trobriand Islands.

    Trobriand Islands rain forests

  • Trobriand Islands rain forests - Encyclopedia of Earth

    Trobriand Islands rain forests

  • It encompasses the eastern half of the island of New Guinea, as well as the Bismarck Archipelago, the Trobriand Islands, Samarai Island, Woodlark Island, DÂ’Entrecasteaux Islands, the Louisiade Archipelago, and the northernmost Solomon Islands of Buka and Bougainville.

    Papua New Guinea

  • Ditto for scattered tribes in the Trobriand Islands and Central Australia and the Ainu of northern Japan.

    Experiencing the Next World Now

  • The song on page 158 is a traditional chant from the Trobriand Islands, collected by John Kasaipwalova.

    The Gates of Noon


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