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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the family Tropaeolaceae.


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  • Nasturtium The flowers, leaves, and immature fruits of the familiar South American native Tropaeolum major all have a pungency like that of watercress, and enliven salads.

    On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen

  • (Lepidium meyenii), a sweet, tangy delicacy in the highlands; mashua (Tropaeolum tuberosum), a staple that requires little labor; mauka (Mirabilis expansa), a

    12: Seeds and germplasm

  • Anti-reproductive and other medicinal effects of Tropaeolum tuberosum.

    Chapter 7

  • Isothiocyanates and thioureas in enzyme hydrolysis of Tropaeolum tuberosum.

    Chapter 7

  • Yam bean (Pachyrrhizus erosus) AppendixesAu (Tropaeolum tuberosum)

    Chapter 7

  • Studies on the cytology of Oxalis tuberosa and Tropaeolum tuberosum.

    Chapter 7

  • The plant contains isothiocyanates and thiourea; differences in composition correspond with the cultivated form and wild form and a division into two subspecies, Tropaeolum tuberosum ssp. tuberosum and T. tuberosum ssp. silvestre, has been proposed.

    Chapter 7

  • _Tropaeolum majus_ loses the spur in some double varieties and with it most of its symmetrical structure; it seems to be considered justly as a peloric malformation.

    Species and Varieties, Their Origin by Mutation

  • Sometimes the degree of impurity is so high, that great piles of discarded plants of the same species lie about the [193] paths, as I have seen at Erfurt in the ease of numerous varieties of the Indian cress or _Tropaeolum_.

    Species and Varieties, Their Origin by Mutation

  • The Indian cress (_Tropaeolum_), the marsh pennywort or _Hydrocotyle_, and many other instances could be quoted.

    Species and Varieties, Their Origin by Mutation


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