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  • Two islands of southwest Japan in Korea Strait between Kyushu and southeast South Korea. They are separated from Kyushu by Tsushima Strait, the site of a major naval battle (May 1905) in the Russo-Japanese War in which the Russian fleet was largely destroyed.

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  • n. a naval battle in the Russo-Japanese War (1905); the Japanese fleet defeated the Russian fleet in the Korean Strait


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  • The Honolulu Mail called Tsushima "one of the most complete victories any nation has ever enjoyed at the expense of a major rival."


  • Meanwhile, So Sadamori of Tsushima had established commercial relations with Chosen, and received from thence a yearly consignment of two hundred koku of soy beans, the vessel that carried the staple being guarded by boats known as Tsushima-bune.

    A History of the Japanese People From the Earliest Times to the End of the Meiji Era

  • For three nights, while hydrogen explosions at four of the reactors spewed radiation into the air, they stayed in a district called Tsushima where the children played outside and some parents used water from a mountain stream to prepare rice.

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  • Later in the day, at the mayor's order, some evacuees were taken by bus to another part of Namie called Tsushima, which SPEEDI data suggested was also dangerous. rss feed

  • PC (HPS Simulations) "Tsushima" scenario, The Russo-Japanese War: Dawn of the Rising Sun

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  • The first one not fought in the Atlantic thereafter was the Battle of Tsushima in 1904, between Russia and Japan, which announced Japan's arrival as a great power.

    When History Rides the Waves

  • At one evacuation site about 15 miles from the plant, a community center in Tsushima, dozens gathered in a parking lot to watch clouds of steam shoot up from behind a range of mountains.

    How Japan Stumbled in Forecasting Fallout in One Town

  • Ah the Battle of Tsushima, where the Russian Baltic fleet sailed clear around the world in order to be sent to the bottom in half a day.

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  • He traveled on to Nagasaki and Moji, on the Inland Sea opposite the Tsushima Strait, where he obtained passage on a steamer leaving February 1 for Chemulpo, Korea, staging area for the Japanese armies moving toward the Yalu and Manchurian border.


  • The coup de grace for the Imperial Russian forces occurred in the Tsushima Strait on May 27-28 when the Japanese Admiral Togo annihilated a decrepit Russian fleet in the greatest naval battle — at that time — since Trafalgar.



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