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  • The disease consumption, more commonly known as Tuberculosis is a micro bacterial disease that attacks the lungs.

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  • Tuberculosis is on the increase all the time and rickets is prevalent among the children.

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  • Tuberculosis is pre-valent, and there are insufficient hospitals to care for the people who are lying ill in unheated rooms, 6 and 8 persons crowded in together with insufficient food and insufficient clothing.

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  • Tuberculosis is a disease that invariably spreads from the lower strata of society upward. '

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  • Tuberculosis, which is caused by the Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria, is one of three primary diseases linked to poverty, the other two being AIDS and malaria.

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  • Findings are published in the February 25th issue of The Tuberculosis is the most common opportunistic disease and the most frequent cause of death in patients with HIV infection in developing countries, and the number of patients with co-infection continues to grow rapidly.


  • Tuberculosis, which is potentially fatal if untreated, is spread through the air when an infected person coughs, sneezes or spits.

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  • But we will also invest in others, such as Tuberculosis and Malaria.

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  • "Tuberculosis," said Dr. Hunter McGuire, "will exterminate the negro race in this country."

    Natural Selection and the Race Problem.

  • The program will include caring for more than 550,000 orphans and vulnerable children, as well as helping manage other related co-infections such as Tuberculosis, Kenyatta said.

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