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  • A town of central Mexico north of Mexico City. Impressive Toltec ruins have been discovered on the site. Population: 28,400.
  • A city of western Russia south of Moscow. First mentioned in 1146, it was an important fortress in the 16th century and became an armament-manufacturing center in 1712. Population: 466,000.

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  • proper n. A town in Hidalgo, Mexico, near the remains of the Toltec city Tollan.
  • proper n. A city in Tula Oblast, Russia, 165km south of Moscow.
  • proper n. A western Russian oblast, the capital of which is the city of Tula.

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  • n. Same as istle.


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From Spanish Tula, from Nahuatl Tōllān "place of bulrushes", from tōllin "bulrush" + -tlān.


  • The tianguis in Tula is the big one day open air market which is held on Fridays I believe. tony

    Are the days numbered for the tianguis?

  • The archeology in Tula is not that spectacular but very important.

    Ground Breaking Anouncement

  • The nonoalcos were descendants of the highly skilled artisans of Teotihuacan and it was they who produced the distinctive designs for which Tula is noted -- serpent columns, square pillars ornamented with friezes and giant-sized statues of warriors.

    The Quetzalcoatl "Trinity"

  • Tula is thought to have been the first capital, or "Chichmecatlallii", of the Chichimayas in the Valley of Mexico.

    Tlalnepantla - the land in-between

  • “The king has a daughter whom he calls Tula, and loves as the light of his palace.”

    The fair god, or, The last of the 'Tzins

  • All I can say for sure is this -- that gods called Tula retain their godship in permanency for a very long time, although at the end some violent fate, which I do not clearly understand, is destined to befall them.

    The Great Taboo

  • The Toltecs - Living from A.D. 900-1200, the Toltects, living in a city called Tula, were a northern Mexican nomadic tribe that ruled about 50 miles north of present-day Mexico City.

    Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]

  • From the Journal of a voyage towards the South Pole on board the brig "Tula", under the command of John Biscoe, with the cutter "Lively" in company, J. Murray (editor), The Antarctic Manual for the use of the Expedition of 1901, 1901

    Biscoe, John

  • It was difficult to get an early start with slaves such as Tula and Feiqa in the blankets.

    Mercenaries Of Gor

  • The group "Tula" consists of four hardworking women who have been searching for ways to make a living since they were very young.

    Kiva Loans


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