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  • n. The culture, religion, or social system of the Turks.

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  • n. Turkish culture, religion and tradition.
  • n. a Turkish word, or a Turkish derived word, used in a language not related to Turkish.

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  • n. A Turkish idiom or expression; also, in general, a Turkish mode or custom. Same as turcism.


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  • I've long studied Pan-Turkism, which arose in the 19th century at the same time as Russian-led Pan-Slavism.

    Eric Margolis: "Dr. Death Says The U.S. Is Really, Really Sick."

  • The ` deep state 'advocates extreme Turkish nationalism and revived Pan-Turkism, or Turanism, the unification of all Turkic peoples from Turkey to the Great Wall of China.

    Eric Margolis: Dangerous Intrigues in Istanbul

  • The pan-Turkism envisioned by the MHP may be a pipe dream.

    A Nation Turns Inward

  • Validi Togan, a scholar of profound erudition but sometimes biased by pan-Turkism, derived shogun, Sino-Japanese for chiang chün, "general," from the Qarluq title sagun. BARBARIAN NAMES.

  • I love that "sometimes biased by pan-Turkism"; yeah, I'd say that someone who derives shogun from the Qarluq title sagun may have a teeny little bias somewhere. BARBARIAN NAMES.

  • A note to Michael Farris about the variant orthographies for the Turkic languages in the Soviet Union: my Russian husband, who grew up in Kazan', where Tatar is alive and well with a Cyrillic-based orthography, says, if I remember rightly, that Stalin forcibly imposed variant orthographies on closely related languages because of his fear of pan-Turkism. BISHKEK/PISHPEK.

  • Literary clubs such as the Turkish Homeland Society and the Turkish Hearth emerged, and the most prominent ideologue of Turkish nationalism, Ziya Gökalp (1876–1924), celebrated the folk culture of the Turkish people and the notion of pan-Turkism.


  • Passing the bounds of the limited, mainly territorial, idea connoted by the term "Ottomanism," it had embraced the far-flung and essentially racial concepts known as "Pan-Turkism" and

    The New World of Islam

  • This wider stage of nationalism has attained its highest development among the Turks; where, indeed, it has gone through two distinct phases, describable respectively by the terms "Pan-Turkism" and

    The New World of Islam

  • For it is not necessar for us to abjure Turkism or

    The Covenants And The Covenanters Covenants, Sermons, and Documents of the Covenanted Reformation


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