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Tyrannosaurus Rex


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  • US paleontologists say most bird-like dinosaurs ate plants BIRD-like dinosaurs long believed to be carnivorous predators were in fact plant lovers, with the notable exception of dedicated hunters such as Tyrannosaurus Rex, US paleontologists say.

    NEWS.com.au | Top Stories

  • She's the one with the hairdo that looks like a Tyrannosaurus Rex in a Moab garage.

    What Matters Is Round

  • The boys turned, and seeing a massive, drooling Tyrannosaurus Rex charging at them, shot after Ava.

    The Tick-tock Box short story competition runners-up

  • Evidence from Yixian and other sites also suggests that feathers or pre-feathers were found not simply on petite proto-birds, but on theropods, the lumbering group whose members included Tyrannosaurus Rex, who may himself have had more feathers than a Vegas showgirl.

    Flocking Together

  • It is a close relative of the North American Tyrannosaurus Rex, a giant, meat-eating predator that lived 70 million years ago.

    Dinosaur Skull Reveals Youthful Secrets

  • The Tyrannosaurus Rex is animatronic and it roars.

    Emily Watson's Weekends Are All About the Kids

  • Here is the Taiwanese take on it, in which Walmart is played by a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex courtesy of Next Media Animation:

    WATCH: Walmart Attacking Small Businesses?

  • Since the Big Terror Attack the man was so powerful he was, in any battle he chose, like a Tyrannosaurus Rex who'd just rampaged into an oasis of lumbering old cattle and sows.

    Grand Heads for America: A Fable of Exceptionalism

  • In some grimy little newspaper office, some Tyrannosaurus Rex editor, some would-be Glen Beck, was writing, "By what powers of the Constitution does the state tell a lawful white man what he can do with his own property?"

    Banjos Playing Through the Broken Glass

  • •In 2005, a Science study led by Mary Schweitzer of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences reported evidence for intact blood vessel proteins inside the femur of a 68-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus Rex.

    Arsenic microbe answers a long way off


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