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  • n. An individual's unique sequence of DNA base pairs, determined by exposing a sample of the person's DNA to molecular probes. DNA fingerprints are often used as evidence in criminal law cases. Also called genetic fingerprint.


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  • As an aside, UD's latest post deals with a study where 'pre-existing evolutionary potential' in the past is discussed and realized.

    A Modest Proposal (By a Somewhat Modest Engineer)

  • Moreover, the UD's very existence stands in question, given sharp internal divisions about whether to participate in the elections (the party decided to participate only a week before the election) and the party's predictably miserable showing.

    Daniel Altschuler: Preliminary Honduran Election Analysis, Part Two

  • Putting you in their heavy-handed moderation is UD's gutless way of banning you.

    Barrett Brown: Intelligent Design, Online Edition

  • Main| UD's Lenten Day of Spirituality is March 7 »

    Temple Emanu-El opens Arts Series on Sunday | RELIGION Blog |

  • Gee … I thought Bilbo's complaint had something to do with UD's (or just Dave's) opinions about global warming, and his desire not to tolerate dissenting opinions about it.

    Comments Nixed by Uncommon Descent

  • You see, Sal, Dave's role at UD is to make sure that NOBODY is allowed to present a coherent argument either against ID or against UD's political agenda.

    Dave Scot Strikes Again!

  • Isn't the historical critical method the very MACHINERY of UD's Theology dept.

    Some stuff from over there...

  • He sees in the university's decision to allow such a sacrilegious display evidence that the "battle for UD's soul is nowhere near over."

    RELIGION Blog |

  • We would have had to have been particularly stupid to have missed this big story for so many years, since James M. Moroney Jr., a former publisher of The Dallas Morning News and the deceased father of our current publisher, was the longtime president of UD's board of trustees, but we wouldn't have been the first, or the last, stupid people to draw a paycheck against the Belo accounts.

    RELIGION Blog |

  • As we grow older, neurons -- the nerve cells that deliver commands from our brains -- have to "speak" more loudly to get the attention of our muscles to move, according to University of Delaware researcher Christopher Knight, an assistant professor in UD's College of Health Sciences.

    March 9th, 2007


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