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  • n. user datagram protocol, jocular: "unreliable datagram protocol," (pertaining to the lossy protocol's inherent bias to drop packets under heavy load.)
  • n. uridine diphosphate
  • n. Ulster Democratic Party
  • n. Unit Deployment Program


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  • Slide 16: •UDP is considered as a chatting protocol; request and reply, so the firewall considers any UDP packet origination from inside as a request packet; so it stores its packet header info (source and destination ip and port numbers) in the session table for a specific time 60 second; if the firewall receives any udp packet that matches this entry within the specified time it will let it to go.

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  • The udp option causes lsof to list processes with UDP sockets.

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  • · Tcp, Udp tools (Client/Server, Port redirector) · Local IP, TCP, UDP and ICMP statistics

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  • · Tcp, Udp tools (Client / Server, Port redirector) · Local IP, TCP, UDP and ICMP statistics

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  • UDP is more or less a handshake saying, Yes, I’m online using something Bittorrent can see.

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  • The UDP was a technical non-solution which never really caught up to the offending posts, and just left a trail of partial damage to their distribution paths.

    "Trolling is basically Internet eugenics... I want everyone off the Internet. Bloggers are filth. They need to be destroyed."

  • The new molecules are synthetic derivatives of a natural product known as UDP-Galactose, and block the activity of a group of enzymes called glycosyltransferases.

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  • AniDB is catered for the power user since it uses advanced API via UDP, which is pretty hard for most programmers to grasp.

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  • Next I changed the SIP transport protocol from TCP to UDP, which is used by most Asterisk distros, including trixbox Pro:

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  • The UDP, which is led by the Chief Minister Donkupar Roy, has ruled out that the CM would resign from the post.

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