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  • United Nations Protection Force; a multinational peacekeeping force in the former Yugoslavia in 1992 to 1995; superseded by IFOR


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  • They were known as UNPROFOR, UN Protection Force, and their task was to police the areas where there were substantial Serb populations—eastern and western Slavonia and Krajina.


  • Remember, we have a standing commitment right now to provide close air support to UNPROFOR, which is still on the ground in Bosnia.

    Press Briefing By Mike Mccurry

  • MR. MCCURRY: It should be a multilateral lift as a last resort, if that's unavoidable; and following if it's unavoidable, a withdrawal of UNPROFOR, which is something that the United States is determined to try to avoid.

    Press Briefing By Mike Mccurry

  • Later on August 5, the Bosnian Serbs called the UNPROFOR Commander,

    President Letter To Congress On Actions In Bosnia

  • Even in operations such as UNPROFOR in Bosnia, UNOSOM in Somalia and UNAMIR in Rwanda, there have been significant humanitarian benefits as a result of the UN's efforts - for example the efforts of our contingent in Rwanda to restore desperately needed public health facilities in Kigali and the airlift of humanitarian supplies into Sarajevo, which had exceeded the Berlin airlift of the 1950s.

    Australian DFAT - Senator Evans Media Release - THE UNITED NATIONS AT FIFTY

  • In short, UNPROFOR’s task was virtually impossible.


  • He looked around, making sure that he got everybody's attention, I traded today with my friend--an UNPROFOR soldier.

    Narrative Magazine's Friday Feature: Aggie Zivaljevic's 'Where Is My Boy?'

  • The inability of the United Nations mission in Bosnia (UNPROFOR) to protect centers it has declared as "safe areas" undermines the U.N.,

    The Risk Of 'Americanizing' The War

  • But I believe the wiser course -- the path I have been pursuing intensively with our allies over these past days -- is to strengthen the U. N.'s ability and willingness to protect Bosnian safe areas against Serb aggression: to enable UNPROFOR to make a real difference in Bosnia as it has, for all its deficiencies, over the past three years.

    The Risk Of 'Americanizing' The War

  • For UNPROFOR to play this role now, it must become a genuine force for peace in Bosnia once again.

    The Risk Of 'Americanizing' The War


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