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  • An ancient city of western Syria on the Mediterranean Sea. It flourished as a trade center from c. 1450 to 1195 B.C. but was destroyed soon after by an earthquake. Excavation of the ruins (beginning in 1929) has unearthed important cuneiform tablets.


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  • They were also closely ethnically, linguistically and genetically related to the Canaanites neighbors immediately to the North around the Northern border of modern Syria on the Mediterranean coast in Ugarit.

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  • An image released by a group called Ugarit News purporting to show tanks moving along a road in Deraa, Syria Photograph: AP

    The Guardian World News

  • I've read it.. and the documentation and keep telling myself, it's called "Ugarit", but I just can't help reading it as "Uragit" youre-a-git.

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  • Ugarit News/Associated Press In an image from an amateur video from Idlib, Syria, ralliers' signs call Libyan events 'a victory for all Arabs.'

    Syrians Rally, Saying Assad Is Next

  • Associated Press Amateur video made available by Ugarit News group shows protesters gathered at an antiregime protest in Hama, Syria, on Friday.

    Syrians Rally During Monitor Visit

  • I remember the unironic title of a conference paper I once heard, “The Theme of the Sacred Mountain at Ugarit and in the Hebrew Bible: An Overview of Recent Scholarship.”

    In the Valley of the Shadow

  • In Psalm 82, it is the God of Israel who presides over the council, just as the god Anu presided over a similar assembly in Mesopotamia and the god El held court in the mythology of ancient Ugarit.

    In the Valley of the Shadow

  • The "Watani Ana" controversyJandali is a renowned German-born Syrian pianist and songwriter, known best for contemporizing some the oldest songs ever written – ancient Syrian Ugarit melodies that date back as far as 3400 B.C. Recently, he penned “Watani Ana,” or “I Am My Homeland,” after being moved by pro-democracy protests and subsequent violent military reprisals taking place across Syria.

    Arab American Forum Marred by Discord Over Song

  • This is because of the clay tablets which have been found since 1929 in the ruins of the town of Ugarit, near the Mediterranean Sea in what is now Syria.

    Modern Science in the Bible

  • Lebanese nationalists always consider their ancestors the first population having a recorded living history and civilization on the coasts of the eastern Mediterranean, mostly in the ancient Phoenician cities of Byblos, Tyr, Sidon, and Ugarit.

    The Coming Revolution


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