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  • n. The Semitic language of Ugarit.

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  • proper n. The Northwest Semitic language of the ancient city of Ugarit in Syria. Extinct since 1100 BCE, it was written in cuneiform.
  • adj. Of or pertaining to the ancient city of Ugarit.

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  • n. an extinct Semitic language of northern Syria


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From Ugarit +‎ -ic.


  • However, Garibay did analyze some Nahuatl passages which showed clearly a strong rhythmical pattern based partly on the linguistic structure of the Nahuatl language, partly on the stylistic use of parallel phrases or semantic couplets, such as we find in Ugaritic, Hebraic and other Semitic texts.

    Reinventing the Aztecs - part two Mexican history

  • C. H. Gordon had raised the question whether the words kpt-r and ḥ-kpt may include some morphological elements, a preformative ḥ- and a sufformative -r, leaving kpt as the basic word Ugaritic Literature 1949, p.23 n.1, and relating this to Egyptian kft-yw.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • Meanwhile, proxy statements have gotten so incomprehensible, they might as well be written in Ugaritic.

    A Chance to Veto a CEO's Bonus

  • Still another looks at ancient languages like Ugaritic and Aramaic to see what might lie under the finished Hebrew and Greek texts.

    Bishop Pierre Whalon: Jaw-Jaw Or War-War?

  • Activating the brilliantine salacioubrooch given to him by the Waarghbeings of the Outer Dark, he quickly teleported to the Egypto-Ugaritic Life-torque meters.

    Things People Like to Write About; Or, This Week is Already Off to a Bad Start

  • Interestingly, the comparable Ugaritic word thr means "pure."

    Roger Isaacs: Japan's Radiation Contamination Protocols Align With Old Testament Laws

  • Regarding Ancient Ugaritic, Roger Woodard publishes in The Ancient Languages of Syria-Palestine and Arabia 2008, p.31: The relative pronoun agrees in gender and number with its antecedent; whether the case of the relative pronoun itself is decided by the case of the antecedent or by the function of the relative pronoun in its clause cannot be determined ...

    Relative pronouns in Etruscan

  • On June 30, there was a news release about how a computer program has managed to mostly decipher Ugaritic "on its own" that is to say, re-decipher for the pursuit of computer science advancement.

    Computers deciphering languages

  • In Ugaritic texts, we read instances of 'filth' in reference to the city of the underworld, directly derived from the image of the deceased being laid to rest in the literal filth of the earth.

    The dank bowels of earth

  • The Minotaur becomes transparent as Death incarnate cf. the Ugaritic death god, Mot, with whom Theseus wrestles in the dead of night.

    The dank bowels of earth


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