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  • The first dynasty of Arab caliphs (661-750). Its capital was Damascus.

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  • proper n. the first Islamic dynasty of Arab caliphs; established in Damascus

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  • n. the first dynasty of Arab caliphs whose capital was Damascus


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  • Eric Ormsby on God's Crucible: Islam and the Making of Europe, 570-1215 by David Levering Lewis: Lewis’s own examples show that civic harmony in Umayyad Spain was more the result of shrewd statecraft and common sense than of some vague and anachronistic ideal of 'tolerance' ....

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  • Hundreds of cars plastered with pictures of the president and crammed full of youths waving the Syrian flag descended on the central Umayyad Square.

    Syria Regime Rocked by Protests

  • Within seconds, the hundreds of people gathered in the Umayyad Mosque began to chant along with him.

    Syrians Cry 'Freedom!' Too

  • But in the foreground are ruins left by successive civilizations: Nabataean, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Umayyad and Ottoman.

    Of Lost People and Lands of Fragments

  • The despotic sultans of the Umayyad and later the Abbasid dynasties found the death sentence on apostasy very useful, for they could simply condemn their critics as heretics and got them executed.

    Mustafa Akyol: The Case of Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani -- Apostasy from Islam is a Right, Not A Crime

  • A rare silver Umayyad dirham from 87h (705 A.D.) is estimated at £20,000-£25,000, and an Ottoman gold coin from 935h (1528 A.D.), minted during the reign of Suleyman the Magnificent, at £7,000-£8,000.

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  • The Umayyad gold dinar from the Islamic year 105h 723 A.D. fetched £3.7 million, far above an estimate of £300,000-£400,000.

    The Value of Old Money

  • Umayyad, with its capital of Damascus, was one of the major Arab caliphates established after the death of Muhammad.

    The Value of Old Money

  • Mr. Assad's London-born wife, Asma, had to wear a head-scarf when visiting Damascus's historic Umayyad mosque, while his mother hadn't decades earlier, Mr. Kerry recounted Syria's leader saying.

    Syrian Violence Tests U.S.

  • The two sides battled, whipping each other with leather belts, in Damascus' old city outside the historic Umayyad mosque, parts of which date to the 8th Century.

    Troops open fire as protests explode across Syria


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