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  • The symbol for the element unnilhexium.

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  • n. Symbol for unnilhexium.


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  • - Fixed player listed as 'Unh' no longer will have no evidence that they are unhappy on their personal section.


  • 'Unh, hunh! more'n once when I took a doze at the steering-oar.

    The Men of Forty Mile

  • Unh …” He groaned against her flesh and bucked to her lips.

    Dreams of a Dark Warrior

  •   From time to time he makes eye contact with his wife and grunts "Unh-huh," but as soon as she begins to talk again his eye reverts to the bar, where azaftigwine waitress with thick upper arms and a tattoo on the small of her back — the, how you say, "tramp stamp" — can be seen unscrewing corks from bottles.

    Quixote Bronson, Savior of Neglected Suburban Housewives

  •           “Unh, sure,” I replied, a little embarrassed that I hadn't noticed them before.

    The Man Who Woke Up as Bo Diddley

  • The woman said, My Lord, do something, he's flattened my Jared, her running over like her legs were breaking out of concrete molds, her boy saying Unh a little quieter now and me more proud of Levis than I'd ever been and so getting up and walking to the car, Levis saying Honey?

    That Baby

  • Unh-hunh...possibly the best line Shatner never uttered!

    two kirks and a cake

  • We watched Grease at the local theater and the guy said “Unh!” several times to one of the girls.

    #176 ~ Rabid Lamb Comics « 1979 Semi-Finalist…

  • Either way, consider this and “Unh!” to be your infamous contributions to the world of words.

    #187 ~ Rabid Lamb Comics « 1979 Semi-Finalist…

  • Unh,” Balor groaned as Griffin pushed his face into the wall.

    The Three Furies


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