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  • proper noun computing, typography A character set, a subset of Unicode, that attempts to unify the regional and historical variants of Han characters by treating them as different glyphs representing the same grapheme.


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From Han unification.


  • In January, AsusTek split into three separate entities – Asus, which deals primarily with Asus-branded PCs and laptops including the wildly popular EEE PC, ‘Pegatron’, which handles the motherboard business (though we keep the Asus brand name on them), and ‘Unihan’, which handles many of the other non-PC related Asus product line.

    10 Secrets To Getting Better Tech Support From Asus - The Consumerist

  • The third company, Unihan, will handle chassis and sub-component manufacturing.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • Through an interesting Language Log post ("Semen, green rice and the rate of internet decay") by Mark Liberman, I learned about the Unihan site (it was actually mentioned in the comments to this LH post from last year, but there was so much else being discussed I didn't even notice it). UNIHAN.

  • Then when the consensus was actually acted upon, and PropertyAliases.txt with the changes started to see review, it dawned on everybody that, rather than have the official Unihan tag be a third alias, it should be the "long" name in the PropertyAliases.txt.

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  • Because the Unihan tags in the Unihan Database have longstanding status, predating by at least a decade the decision to tack "cj" onto the front of them for PropertyAliases.txt, and because the Unihan tags are used everywhere in the Unihan Database and its documentation, it became clear that those had to be the official name of those properties.

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  • Then, the Unihan tag itself (without the "cj" prefix) would be added as a (third) alias, because people might well be using the exact Unihan tag for matching, and it wouldn't make sense to disable that.

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  • And the UTC wanted the labels with the "cj" on them in the short abbreviated field, because everybody agreed that there was no utility to attempting to shorten the Unihan tags further; they would just turn into unmnemonic gobblydegook.

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  • Pegatron needs more time: Q&A with Denese Yao, spokesperson for Pegatron and Unihan

    DIGITIMES: IT news from Asia

  • Pegatron needs more time: Q&A with Denese Yao, spokesperson for Pegatron and Unihan

    DIGITIMES: IT news from Asia

  • Last year most of you will probably remember that ASUS divided its core company into three parts - Asus, Pegatron and Unihan.



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