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  • proper n. The sum of everything that exists in the cosmos, including time and space itself.


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Middle English, directly or via Old French univers, from Latin universum. See universe.


  • Of course the entire system the universe will eventually reach equilibrium when the entire Universe radiates all energy equally throughout.

    Hansen and Schmidt: Predicting the Past? « Climate Audit

  • Such may recall to their minds that concealment is no law of the universe; that, on the contrary, the Lord of the Universe said once:

    Robert Falconer

  • Â The Juggernaut, as Charles Xavier's stepbrother, has always been an X-Men villain, but part of the fun of old Marvel comics is that everyone existed in the same universe and could therefore show up wherever the writer wanted yes, the Marvel Universe still exists, but other than Brian Michael Bendis, who seems to obsess about it, when was the last time someone tried to use characters from other "spheres" of the Universe - Kevin Smith in Daredevil?

    Comics You Should Own flashback – Amazing Spider-Man #229-230 | Comics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book Resources

  • HPFacebookVoteV2. init (334511, 'Miss Universe and Worms', 'Okay, so it\'s not every day that you see the words \ "Miss Universe\" and \ "Worms\" together.

    Kari Stoever: Miss Universe and Worms

  • So my use of the term Universe can be likened to that of a metaphor for our greater self—the rest of who we really are.

    Manifesting Change

  • The word Universe means “one reality turning” or “one unified revolving reality”—a single field of entirely interconnected energy that manifests, continues for a period of time, is recycled, and then manifests again.

    Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar

  • However, the term Universe may be used in slightly different contextual senses, denoting such concepts as the cosmos, the world, or Nature. - Photown News

  • As someone who has found himself kinda believing in God, but not quite sure yet and I'm more comfortable with the term Universe for right now, I also see it in a spiritual way.

    UUpdates - All updates

  • Many hold the deep conviction that the Universe is a Laplacian, mechanical universe in which there is no room for renewal or creativity.

    A Materialist Red Herring

  • Chronicles of the Universe is a collection of short stories about a single family.

    Archive 2008-01-01


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