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  • n. An inferior person; a subhuman.


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From German Untermensch, from unter ("under, below") + Mensch ("person, human").


  • [The term Untermensch was soon to embrace a whole philosophy toward the Russians, and in particular toward prisoners of war and forced labour.


  • The German people in the 1930s and 1940s were systematically brainwashed on National Socialist racist propaganda that portrayed the Jews as "Untermensch" - a subhuman scourge that was responsible for the woes of Germany and needed to be eradicated.

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  • I'm also suprised he didn't call the riders themselves "Untermensch" because that's what he seems to be getting at here.

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  • That the reporting of hundreds of deaths in Lebanon has received vastly less coverage from an anti "Untermensch" media than they have given to the thousands murdered in Kosovo under NATO rule.

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  • Note: 'Untermensch', like a lot of ideas attributed to the Nazi's, was stolen from others, either American author Lothrop Stoddard or German novelist and poet Theodor Fontane.

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  • The nazis had strict rules on sex: Men could have sex with the "Untermensch", or "subhuman" females, such as Jews, Poles, or other Slavic races, gypsies, and the military bordellos were staffed with them, but women not.

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  • The Reich Race and Settlement Head Office in 1942 distributed a pamphlet "Untermensch" of which 3,860,995 copies were printed.

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  • And yet for all their efforts Nazi scientists were unable to identify the "Untermensch" in a definitive manner that was not based on birth records -- put otherwise there was no clear biological distinction between Untermenschen and Aryans.

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  • Raevmo, did you believe Hitler when he called Jews Untermensch or only when you find cherry picked quotes designed make a master manipulator look like something he was not?

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  • VIEW FAVORITES yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'The Untermensch Syndrome: Israel\'s Moral Decay'; yahooBuzzArticleSummary = 'In the minds of those groups seeking to invade, conquer, pilfer and exploit, the invaded and conquered must be seen as sub-human, creatures not worthy of protection or life.

    OpEdNews - Quicklink: The Untermensch Syndrome: Israel's Moral Decay


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