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  • Urine from the second drainage represents urine that has collected in the bladder from the upper collecting systems, and the third urine specimen, most recently produced by the fetal kidneys, is usually the most reliable for analysis.

    Lower Urinary Tract Obstruction (LUTO)

  • Urine is produced in the kidney and flows down a small tube called the ureter into the bladder.

    Nephrostomy Tube

  • Urine is both sterile and devoid of any pathogens, unless you have a kidney or urinary infection.

    Brilliant ideas that I get while drinking beer and watching UFC

  • But add the knowledge of what it actually is, call it "Christ in Urine" and you shift the message to something more controversial but still arguably Christian.

    The Power and the Piss

  • Urine is a popular subject - just blogged on it myself the other day!

    1918 rematch

  • "Purdue Student Charged in Urine Plot" -- headline, Indianapolis Star, Oct. 8 "Stewart, Colbert Rallies Looking for a Few Good Porta-Potties" -- headline, AOLNew. com, Oct. 7 World Ends, Etc. "Study: Expiration of Bush Tax Cuts Will Hit Poorest Hardest" -- headline, Hill, Oct. 7

    Condition Critical

  • Name the module Serenity, but name the Urine Processing Assembly after Colbert.

    Let's Name Node 3 "Colbert" - NASA Watch

  • But I agree naming the Urine Recycler as the Colbert Unit is hilarious.

    A Node Named Colbert? - NASA Watch

  • The smoking laws may have been new, but cigarette smoke had had many years to permeate the wood and furniture, and to tarnish the ceiling into what those folks who name paint colors might have called Urine-Stain Yellow.

    Fatal Circle

  • After a launch, landing, or spacewalk (the three times when the toilet was inaccessible) the bladder/condom combination, known as a Urine Collection Device (UCD), could be stripped from the body and thrown away.

    Riding Rockets


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