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  • proper n. A taxonomic order within the subclass Lissamphibia — the salamanders and related amphibians.

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  • An order of amphibians having the tail well developed and often long. It comprises the salamanders, tritons, and allied animals.

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  • An order of Amphibia; the tailed amphibians; the ichthyomorphic amphibians, which retain the tail throughout life, as distinguished from the Anura, or tailless batrachians.


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New Latin, from Ancient Greek οὐρά (oura, "tail") + δῆλος (delos, "conspicuous")


  • Distribution of Proteus (Amphibia: Urodela: Proteidae) and its possible explanation.

    Archive 2006-03-01

  • It is well known, of course, that the Mexican axolotl (Amblystoma mexicanum) lives in salt lakes, but not even the classic work of W. Korngold, Caudate Amphibians (Urodela),

    The War with the Newts

  • This is so, for instance, when the ectoderm of the presumptive mouth region is exchanged between the embryos of Urodela and Anura.

    Hans Spemann - Nobel Lecture

  • Anura ectoderm of the early gastrula, suction cups and horny jaws; in a tadpole, balancers arose from Urodela ectoderm.

    Hans Spemann - Nobel Lecture

  • [167] See a Paper on the "Axial Skeleton of the Urodela," in Proc.

    On the Genesis of Species

  • The same species in other parts of North America normally goes through the metamorphosis, like other species of the Urodela.

    Hormones and Heredity

  • The larva of the Urodela is probably more primitive than the tadpole of the

    Hormones and Heredity

  • In the genera Bombinator and Diseoglossus, however, as also in the male Urodela, a still more intimate union exists between the renal organs and those devoted to functions complementary to oviposition.

    The Common Frog

  • Ribs, moreover, are found in the other existing orders of the frog's class, i.e. both in the Urodela and Ophiomorpha.

    The Common Frog

  • The geographical distribution of the Urodela is very remarkable.

    The Common Frog


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