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  • When Lenin came up with the term Useful Idiots, he was thinking of people who advocate such policies.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » DoJ Attorneys in Dark About Surveillance Program:

  • Their tiles are all beautiful and the spirit of the Arts and Crafts philosophy of "Beautiful and Useful" is apparent in every work.

    Weaver Tile

  • Useful, that is, not just for their future employment prospects, but also to equip them to become rounded human beings who desist from giving up the first time they taste failure or hit a hump on the bumpy road to maturity ?

    It's our narrow view of education that holds pupils back | Yvonne Roberts

  • As one of their supporters you are nothing but what Lenin called a Useful idiot (or was it Marx).

    Anti-Deer-Hunting Billboard Goes Up in Kansas City

  • -- The Square, also called the Useful or Practical.

    Palmistry for All

  • "Socrates said that the Useful is the Beautiful," said Denzil.

    The Big Bow Mystery

  • The variety of good that is called the Useful lies within definite limits, between two wildernesses, so to speak, stretching out undefined into the distance, wilderness of Excess on the one side, and wilderness of Defect on the other.

    Moral Philosophy

  • Useful, that is, to the people in that area instead of the Cult of Global Warming.

    The Sundries Shack

  • "Useful," said Arline, and snapped her jaws together as if she feared to let another word loose.

    Lonesome Land

  • Those tendencies combine and find their complete expression in what Plato's commentators, rather than Plato, have called the "theory of ideas," itself indeed not so much a doctrine or theory, as a way of regarding and speaking of general terms, such as Useful or Just; of abstract notions, like

    Plato and Platonism


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