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  • noun aviation the speed at which a pilot must decide whether to continue a take-off or to abort.


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  • The main reason they need to launch a V1 is that they cant really let any user complain about Chrome, they cant afford to have bugs, issues with the speed, and prove that the concept of multi-thread tabs work, etc.

    Browser Wars, Take 2

  • TRP-V1 is activated by hotter temperature, but also responds to capsaicin, the chemical responsible for the spiciness of hot peppers.

    Why Does Mint Make Your Mouth Feel Cold? | Impact Lab

  • V1 is also showing The Unit, a gung-ho army drama in which the message is solidarity, sticking together at all costs and, oh, that terrorists are bad, mkay?

    New on the Telly « We Don't Count Your Own Visits To Your Blog

  • TODD (voice-over): Berman says by this time the pilot has figured in his so-called V1 (ph), V for velocity, based on the weight of the plane and the length of the runway, it's also known as the decision speed.

    CNN Transcript Aug 28, 2006

  • To climb hills, ski racers use a technique known as the V1 - the "V" refers to the position of the skis and the "1" to the side of the body being used.

    NYT > Home Page

  • The V1 is the "spin" ball and the V1x is the distance ball, right?

    Hooked On Golf Blog

  • In 2008, those numbers had jumped to $1,690,000 and $760,500, and the parcel was reclassified as V1 (commercial or Manhattan residential).

    Atlantic Yards Report

  • If you don't have Micorsoft's VoiceCommand on your phone or don't have a BlueAnt already, then the V1 is a perfect choice.


  • The V1 is a fantastic headset, especially if you don't have VoiceCommand built into your device (or like the Sprint Treo Pro, it has a bug where it doesn't announce incoming calls).


  • Saygus says that "as a hardware device, the V1 is the first Low Cost, Low Bandwidth, Low Power, High Resolution Full Color OS Two-Way Video Calling Cell Phone offering Streaming Movies, Concerts and TV Episodes."

    Digital Trends


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