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  • abbr. voice answer back


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  • And, in fact, if Jonathan (ph), my photographer, will go with me, Atlantis was going to move from what they call the VAB out to its launch pad, a separate launch pad from where Columbia took off.

    CNN Transcript Feb 2, 2003

  • Since you seem to have the inside track on what the Democrats in VAB should be doing, I don't believe I've ever heard of you.


  • KAGAN: You're looking at a live picture right now of a building they call -- they refer to as the VAB, the vehicle assembly building, here at the Kennedy Space Center.

    CNN Transcript Feb 2, 2003

  • It would seem that NASA is making these major decisions in near realtime - otherwise, why spend an hour answering questions between 12:00 and 1:00 pm EDT based on the premise that a roll back to the VAB was a done deal?

    NASA Watch: Shuttle News: August 2006 Archives

  • Nestled at the base of the VAB is the launch control center, containing the firing rooms from which the complex process of launching a shuttle is directed.

    Out of the Cradle

  • The building - known as VAB by its owner, City Public Service - has been the scene of around 7,500 large gatherings in its lifetime, by CPS 'estimate.


  • PS After contemplating, this might not be a bad idea to blow up the VAB and LC-39 if it means we get a full up Orion.

    Delta IV Heavy is Cheaper Than Ares 1. Wow. Who Knew. - NASA Watch

  • Also, long-lead parts for the first J2X engines, as well as manufacturing facilities at KSC and Michoud now being prepared to begin Orion production, and lightning towers at KSC, a new test stand at Stennis, VAB mods, MSFC dynamic test stand mods

    Mike Griffin Wants His Old Job Back - NASA Watch

  • Isn't your statement of predicting the impending doom of the VAB and LC-39 a bit of the chicken little – the sky is falling "mentality?"

    Delta IV Heavy is Cheaper Than Ares 1. Wow. Who Knew. - NASA Watch

  • Much of the first stage tooling exists in a modifiable form and all of the VAB & LC-39 can be kept & used with fewer mods than are proposed today.

    Delta IV Heavy is Cheaper Than Ares 1. Wow. Who Knew. - NASA Watch


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