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  • n. A very long instruction word; an explicitly created set of processor instructions to be executed simultaneously.


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  • Integrated VLIW architecture DSP, supporting up to eight channels of deep compression wideband or narrowband codecs or 16 channels of G.711

  • According to reports, the new Southern Islands GPUs will be made using today's 40nm process technology, will feature current-generation 5-way VLIW stream processors, but will also contain the next-generation ultra-threading engine, memory controllers, caches and other parts.

    X-bit labs

  • Much of the processing of the offloaded protocols is implemented in microcode running on a pipe-lined VLIW engine.

    ThomasNet News - Today's New Product News

  • VLIW (very-long-instruction-word) ConnX 545CK DSP has eight-way SIMD units, dual 128-bit load/stores, and a Viterbi convolutional coder accelerator.

    Gadget Freak Files

  • It is based on an 8-way SIMD (Single Instruction, Multiple Data), 3-issue VLIW (Very Long Instruction Word) architecture with two 128-bit load/store units.

    Marketwire - Breaking News Releases

  • The combination of a compiler-friendly 8-way VLIW and SIMD architecture, an advanced data cache architecture and memory management capabilities enables licensees to efficiently migrate legacy code and ensures similar DSP performance levels at a significantly lower price point.

    ThomasNet News - Today's New Product News

  • Texas Instruments a few years ago implemented exploratory compilation for its VLIW

    The Gadgeteer

  • Tile64 processors, the TilePro SoCs are based on a proprietary VLIW (very long instruction word) architecture, on which a MIPS-like RISC architecture is implemented in microcode.

    Linux for Devices - RSS Feeds

  • Transmeta's technology is centered on "code morphing" techniques and very long instruction word (VLIW) design architecture.


  • Brian_S wrote: I guess we better get after ATi then as well for all the 5770 and 5750s that perform much worse than the 4890s, share the same VLIW clusters in use since the 2900XT of

    The Tech Report: News


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