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  • VHF omnidirectional range ; a radio-navigation beacon
  • voice-on recording


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  • Hanjour and had him fly north from the Gaithersburg airport away from Washington, D.C. Mr. Shalev noticed that Hanjour used a landmark or terrain recognition system for navigation and did not use the '' VOR '' or Very High Frequency (VHF)

    Screw Loose Change

  • The MMR system can utilize the WAAS signal as well as the basic GPS signal, the VHF, UHF, VOR navigation signals and eventually the LAAS navigation signal.

    06 « November « 2008 « Niqnaq

  • I first learned to fly in a Cessna 152, a two-place trainer that had nothing except a VOR and a COMM radio, in terms of technology.

    NASA Unveils All-Electric Personal Flight Vehicle | Inhabitat

  • Our position is seventy-five miles bearing two four five from Palmyra VOR.

    Rogue Wave

  • VOR was missing an av when the comment b4 yours was put up Luchey.


  • VOR: Does this mean that eventually there will be no ‘normal’ names left?


  • If you prefer, you can fly with your head down in the instruments, and you can even practice some basic instrument flying by dialing in your radial to the nearest VOR station.

    Rambles at » Blog Archive » Flying my iPhone

  • But having learned (as a youth and in the Navy) to navigate at sea, where course diversions pile up extra time en route, I was loath to lengthen my journey by inserting a dogleg to the VOR.

    The Making of a Pilot

  • I had studied and practiced navigation by radio beacons -- known as VORs -- and I knew very well that a VOR lay eight miles south of Montpelier.

    The Making of a Pilot

  • What should be the approximate elapsed time from the BOSEMAN (BZN) VOR to the DUBOIS (DBS) VORTAC if the wind is 24 knots from 260 degrees and your intended True Air Speed is 185 knots?

    BBC News Quiz and George Bush


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