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  • n. Plural form of Vedda.


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  • Ceylon, known as the Veddas, "hunters", who inhabit a small area in the remote interior of the island and live principally by the bow and arrow, are the representatives of the aboriginal inhabitants whom

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 3: Brownson-Clairvaux

  • It is said that the outcast diminutive race of Ceylon known as the Veddas never laugh, and it has even been seriously but erroneously stated that the muscles which move the face in laughter are wanting in them.

    More Science From an Easy Chair

  • The Chiquitos do not, in their primitive state, properly count at all; the Andamans, the Veddas, and many of the Australian tribes have no numerals higher than 2; others of the Australians and many of the

    The Number Concept Its Origin and Development

  • Veddas and the Andamans, proceed by finger pantomime and by the repetition of the same word.

    The Number Concept Its Origin and Development

  • We have no objection to quoting from the Veddas, the Avestas, the Koran or the

    The Truth about Jesus : Is He a Myth?

  • The Veddas of Ceylon, the Senois of Malacca, and the Toalas of Celebes are apparently races which have resulted from the

    More Science From an Easy Chair

  • The ancestors of the rude Veddas and of the Guinea negroes, the Hindu pitris (patres, "fathers"), and the Roman manes have become elemental deities which send rain or sunshine, health or sickness, plenty or famine, arid to which their living offspring appeal for guidance amid the vicissitudes of life. 24 The theory of embodiment, already alluded to, shows how thoroughly the demons which cause disease are identified with human and object souls.

    Myths and Myth-makers: Old Tales and Superstitions Interpreted by Comparative Mythology

  • The aboriginal Veddas were considered to be outside the caste system Rajapaksha ...


  • In the rest of the former Gondwanaland regions, the Negroid race has become marginalised, inter-mixed or extinct - Aborigines in Australia-Papua New Guinea, Veddas in Sri Lanka and the Great Andamanese tribals in India.

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  • The original inhabitants of Sri Lanka is an indigenous race called Veddas.

    The Lede


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