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  • Slide 25: Hepatic Artery in Longitudinal Sections Celiac trunk 31 Hepatic artery and splenic vein 32 Hepatic artery and superior mesenteric vein 33 Hepatic artery and portal vein 34 Renal Artery and Vein in Longitudinal Sections Aorta 35 Right renal artery and left renal vein 36 Vena cava and right renal artery 37 Right renal artery and right renal vein

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  • Including the Renal Vessels Passage of aorta and vena cava through diaphragm 1 Left gastric artery 2 Celiac trunk 3 Celiac trunk 4 Hepatic artery 5 Splenic artery 6 Superior mesenteric artery 7 Superior mesenteric artery 8 Superior mesenteric artery and splenic vein 9 Left renal vein and right renal artery 10 Aorta and Vena Cava in Infrarenal Transverse Sections Infrarenal aorta and vena cava 11 Infrarenal aorta and vena cava 12 Infrarenal aorta and vena cava 13 Infrarenal aorta, vena cava, 14 superior mesenteric artery and vein Infrarenal aorta and vena cava 15 Aortic bifurcation 16 Iliac arteries 17 Confluence of iliac veins 18 Iliac vessels 19 Iliac vessels 20 Iliac vessels 21 Iliac vessels 22 Left iliac vessels 23 Left iliac vessels 24 Splenic Artery and Vein in Longitudinal Sections Aorta 25 Splenic vein and left gastric artery 26 Splenic artery and vein, celiac trunk 27 Splenic artery and vein, celiac trunk 28 Splenic artery and vein, renal artery and vein 29 Splenic artery and vein, renal artery and vein 30 Block, Color Atlas of Ultrasound Anatomy © 2004 Thieme All rights reserved.

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  • Crooked Little Vein is selling quite well, with approximately 430 of the 500 copies gone on publication.

    Subterranean Press » 2008 » February

  • The Subterranean Press edition of Crooked Little Vein is printed in two colors throughout on 80# Finch, and features a sewn binding for a lifetime of enjoyment.

    Subterranean Press » 2008 » February

  • "A God Jar is anything you wish it to be, in which you can put your wishes, dreams, problems, prayers," sighs Julia Cameron, dreamily detailing a related technique in her book on creativity, The Vein Of Gold.

    This column will change your life: Sealing off worries

  • More South Carolina Race Down to Wire Romney's Wealth Proves Rich Vein for Rivals The volunteers give Mr. Paul a robust outreach network that helped him in Iowa, where he took third place, just behind the top finishers, and in New Hampshire, where he placed second.

    Paul Foot Soldiers Take to Airwaves

  • “Night of the Bat-Bat”, directed by John K., introduced the world to Bruce Vein (Bat-Bat) and his ward Tick (the Bug Wonder).

    Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures – The Complete Series » DVDs Worth Watching

  • Reading German, for me, is like trying to view the world through my Retinal-Vein-Occluded eye.

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • There will be a certain poetry if I can do the same thing when my Retinal Vein Occluded eye is zapped with a lazer in ten days time.

    Jean's Knitting

  • All about eyes and Retinal Vein Occlusion and laser treatment.

    Jean's Knitting


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