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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of Velcro.


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  • Did anyone notice that the word "Velcroed" as used in todays blog and "Velo Cred" are just a simple letter swap away?

    The Indignity of Commuting by Bicycle: Cakes and Cheese

  • I imagine the creaking of the chains that hold the plastic swings, the soft explosion of sawdust as Velcroed sneakers make their landing, the crunch of gravel beneath the wheels of strollers being pushed toward home.

    Between Expectations

  • The reason he was on the leash -- a blue nylon harness that Velcroed around his torso with a strap that I held around my wrist -- was because the last time we went to the store, he took off at warp speed, crawled up inside a clothing rack and hid for 20 minutes while I crawled around on the floor looking for tiny sneakers and getting progressively panickier.

    Charlotte Hilton Andersen: Leashes for Kids: Cruel or Kind?

  • The racing-style suit Velcroed open at the extremities and then down from the mandarin-collared neck to the, um, crotch.

    Silver Zombie

  • I was checking that the thick nylon plates Velcroed around her were secure.


  • He zooms his electric chair around the raggedy old snowman, tossing Velcroed stars and bells at it, asking, “Snowman go zoom zoom?”

    out of my mind

  • Dressed in night hues like Jenn and Antonio, she wore a turtleneck, leather pants, and thick-soled boots that Velcroed halfway up her calves.


  • He squatted, Velcroed the leash to his ankle, gave me a half nod, and jogged into the water.


  • So next time you see some guy riding around on a hybrid with dual disc wheels, wearing half shorts, a football helmet, and no shirt while listening to a Sony Sports Discman that he's Velcroed to his bicep, don't laugh at him--salute him.

    Sightings: Ice, Missed Connections, and UFO-Seeking Freak Bikes

  • So I put the "tape" in my Discman, Velcroed it to my bicep, and listened.

    The Indignity of Commuting by Bicycle: Cakes and Cheese


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