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  • proper n. a region of Manhattanville, Harlem, New York City


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Abbreviation of Viaduct Valley


  • Call it gentrification, but you won't find a more pleasant -- and relaxed -- place for a meal anywhere else in Manhattan than in this hidden, 10-block roadway, officially 12th Avenue but informally dubed Viaduct Valley, or ViVa.

    Gotham's Gourmet Gulch

  • I tossed the 9600 baud onto the BBS computer and took the ViVa 2400 pocket modem from the laptop and put it on the 486 so I could call out while others called in.

    Sunlight Through The Shadows Magazine Volume 1 Issue 6 (ANSI Edition)

  • Spending millions on a short trolley line in Reading, however, seems a waste, especially when people can, and should, walk the distance from ViVa to the Sovereign Center if they want to save gas.

    Berks county news

  • Miami's The ViVa Partnership increased its billings by 121 percent to $32 million, earning the agency the No. 15 spot.

    Hispanic Business Magazine

  • My kids are into the jingles and they all started to sing along … ViVa Viagra, Viva Viagra, Viva, Viva, Viagra!


  • I knew the new ad's were for the new phone company in Kuwait ViVa ...

    Safat: The KuwaitBlogs' Aggregator

  • * Tulips and Chimneys (1923) * & (1925) (self-published) * XLI Poems (1925) * is 5 (1926) * HIM (1927) (a play) * ViVa (1931) * Eimi (1933) * No Thanks (1935) * Collected Poems (1960) * 50 Poems (1940) * Xaipe: Seventy-One Poems (1950) * Poems, 1923-1954 (1954) * 95 Poems (1958) * 73 Poems (1963) (posthumous) * Fairy Tales (1965) (posthumous)

    October « 2007 « poetry dispatch & other notes from the underground


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