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  • n. Plural form of Vietnam.


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  • He inherited two "Vietnams" - in Iraq and Afghanistan. Main RSS Feed

  • Obama has to tackle all this on top of the global warming / epidems / nuclear proliferation existential threats, the disastrous efects of 10 years of Bush confrontation which led to the present two "Vietnams" in Iraq and Afghnaistan ". Main RSS Feed

  • The causes include exhaustion after eight years of bleeding lives and treasure, distraction by seismic domestic upheavals in jobs and finance, and the lurking, seeping, caustic sense of deja vu in which endless foreign wars propping up corrupt third world governments against insurgents all start to look like the Vietnams they so often are. Mr. Obama's War -- And Ours

  • While in Vietnam, he met and married his Vietnams wife, who bore him two children.

    Norman Kutz

  • The admonition 'no more Vietnams' was codified in the Powell and Weingarten doctrines.

    Michael Brenner: COIN Classic, New COIN, Post-Modern COIN

  • The Gipper thumped his chest and spoke of an "evil empire" for dramatic effect, but in practice he made nice with Gorbachev and invaded only "Potemkin Vietnams" such as Grenada, in Beinart's words.

    Review of Peter Beinart's 'The Icarus Syndrome: A History of American Hubris'

  • He also stressed the successful containment of communism achieved in the outcome of the 1954 war: the creation of two Vietnams, an independent noncommunist South Vietnam backed by the United States, not the French, and a communist Vietnam in the north.

    Going Home to Glory

  • Rumsfeld's determination — no more Vietnams — is the primary reason why there was no planning for "phase four," the aftermath of the invasion.

    McNamara, Rumsfeld and the Fog of War

  • One has to read how the two Koreas were divided, and then the two Vietnams were created, to know who unleashes (and reigns in) the dogs of war.

    Endless Night

  • In interrogations with captured North Vietnamese fighters and fishermen, the Central Intelligence Agency had determined in a string of reports released in May that twenty-seven months of American bombing had not weakened North Vietnams strategy or morale.

    The Attack on the Liberty


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