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  • The GetFullHtmlFieldId takes the server-side property name and uses the ViewContext to get the qualified client-side id for the input field.

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  • You may ned to change the ViewContext constructor params for mvc 1.

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  • Will a validator ever be created with something else than a ViewContext, and if so, when?

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  • BeginForm () calls new MvcForm (HttpResponseBase) as opposed to MvcForm (ViewContext).

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  • The reason that ViewContext isn't exposed to FindView is that it doesn't exist yet at that point.

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  • ExecuteResult exposes this ViewData only to the ViewContext which only is passed to the Render method of the View.

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  • The ViewContext includes a reference to the view itself, so it can't be created before the view has been located.

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  • IView接口是对MVC结构中View对象的抽象, 此接口只有一个方法: void Render (ViewContext viewContext, TextWriter writer);


  • The only possible connection between a ViewUserControl (at time of render) and the page must therefore come from the ViewContext .... which seems to make sense.

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  • Null; var helper = new HtmlHelper (new ViewContext (this.

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