from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • Radial in form: actinoid.
  • Actinic radiation: actinometer.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

From Greek aktīs, aktīn-, ray.


  • Also confusing, they said, were several political websites -- such as this one belonging to "VirginiaDem. org".

    Erin Medlicott: Double Voting In TX Primary Still Unresolved

  • And user VirginiaDem brings us a scathing video debunking McCain's lies (video below the fold)

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  • VirginiaDem. org: US House Finally Recognizes Virginia's Indian Tribes!

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  • VirginiaDem. org: Virginia Senator Mark Warner on Regulating Financial Institutions "Too Big to Fail"

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  • … I wish him well and look forward to his continued participation in our Democratic Party's and our Commonwealth's future Smash Mouth Politics: Hey Dick Cranwell, Obama DID bow to a dictator VirginiaDem. org: Democratic Lt. Governor Candidate, Jon Bowerbank, Suspends Campaign Anti-BVBL: John Grisham to Host Screening of 9500 Liberty May 21

    Shawn O'Donnell's

  • Blue Virginia: Eric Cantor: Wit and Wisdom on the Virginia Governor's Race VirginiaDem. org: Democratic Party of Virginia Unifies Behind "Deeds, Wagner, Shannon" Ticket Neo-Nazis in UK Win Seats in EU Parliament; NOW THIS!

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  • Charlottesville Tomorrow: Wendell Wood seeks expedited review process for buildings near military base VirginiaDem. org: VP Candidate Joe Biden Speaking Up For Veterans in Virginia Beach Right-wing liberal: Palin Derangement Syndrome Watch: Daily Kos and CNN PWConservative: Undecided's jumping on the McCain / Palin bandwagon.

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  • Citizen Tom: GILMORE VERSUS WARNER: MORE ON THE POSSIBILITY OF A SENATE DEBATE VirginiaDem. org: GOP Convention and Their Candidates Hurl Insults At Community Organizers

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