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  • adj. of or pertaining to the Visigoths


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Visigoth +‎ -ic


  • The names Gothic, Toledan, Isidorian, have also been applied to the rite — the first referring to its development during the time of the Visigothic kingdom of Spain, the second to the metropolitan city which was its headquarters, and the third to the idea that it owed, if not its existence, at any rate a considerable revision to St. Isidore of Seville.

    The Mozarabic Rite: Introduction

  • The Mozarabic scholar Dom Marius Férotin, OSB, for example, preferred the term "Visigothic rite" over Mozarabic.

    The Mozarabic Rite: Introduction

  • A similar observation might be made about Muslim expansion into Visigothic Spain, plagued by civil wars in the decades preceding the advent of Islam in 711 C.E.

    Jay Rubenstein: Crusade vs. Jihad: Which Is Worse?

  • The tides turned even more dramatically following the conversion of the Visigothic royal family under Recared from Arianism to Catholicism in 587.

    Islam: The Invasions Of Europe « Unambiguously Ambidextrous

  • The regional government has shown a willingness to sacrifice modern construction for the sake of preserving historic sites: three years ago it stopped plans by a private developer to build 1,300 apartments in Toledo after diggers uncovered a Visigothic town.

    Archive 2009-07-01

  • Blue blood is an English idiom recorded since 1834 for noble birth or descent; it is a translation of the Spanish phrase sangre azul, which described the Spanish royal family and other high nobility who claimed to be of Visigothic descent, in contrast to the Moors.

    A terribly painful conversation.

  • The small but influential Jewish community in Iberia had been tolerated in Spain when their Visigothic overlords were still Arian heretics ruling Catholic and Jewish subjects; but Jews began to be persecuted in 589, when the Visigoths converted to Catholicism.

    How Muslims Made Europe

  • There are still 1,200 trees from the Visigothic and Roman eras on record according to Leyendas Vivas, a nature cataloging service, just in this province.

    A New Market for Old Olive Trees

  • Visigothic and Vandal productions were for a certain time extolled, panegyrized, and admired in the journals, especially as they came out under the protection of a certain lady of distinction, who knew nothing at all about the subject.

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • He took control of the Roman province of Belgica Secunda in 486, the territories of the Alemanni in 496, the lands of the Burgundians in 500, and portions of Visigothic territory in 507.

    Death Of Clovis 27 Nov, 511, First King of the Franks


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