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  • whole-genome duplication
  • Weight gold, normally appears stamped on jewelry, indicating that it is solid gold. One would see something like '10K WGD' stamped to the inside of a ring.


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  • "WGD" allows them to lock you out of the machine completely (well, lock you out of the entire winblows partition at least). doss_freak October 24, 2008 6: 42 AM PDT

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  • Now that WGD is level 52 I have reluctantly switched my HS over to Iron Forge as it is now the geographically convenient city.

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  • Consistent with the whole genome duplication (WGD) in the teleost fishes

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  • World's Greatest Dad (WGD) is Gradient's first title to be completed in its new Digital Intermediate suite.

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  • (WGD) are often followed by a return to the diploid state, through DNA deletions and intra/interchromosomal rearrangements.

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  • We use simple theoretical models and simulations to explore how a WGD accompanied by sequence deletions might affect the dosage balance often required among several gene products involved in regulatory processes.

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  • This could be due to either gain of a miRNA binding site after the WGD or because one of the duplicated genes has escaped from being a miRNA target after the WGD (loss of miRNA binding site).

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  • Of the 1,331 pairs of duplicate genes from the WGD, 41 genes (29 pairs) were computationally predicted to be miRNA targets.

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  • To understand this process in plants a comparative analysis of miRNA-targeted duplicated gene pairs derived from a well-documented whole genome duplication (WGD) event in combination with a population genetics study of six experimentally validated miRNA binding sites in rice (O. sativa) was carried out.

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  • (Happy WGD sounds like I’m congratulating someone on some kind of syndrome or disease.)

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