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  • All of the film's vignettes feature a man let down by the very mechanisms he has constructed to protect himself from the world but "Waxworks" is the only one that doesn't lump blame onto a bad woman however that may seem where the piece is headed or naughty little girl.

    31 Screams: Peter Cushing

  • "Waxworks" is one of horror's great be careful what you wish for stories, with Grayson working himself into an unhealthy lather as he rushes toward his own destruction.

    31 Screams: Peter Cushing

  • Young scientists satisfy curiosity Group forms to fight deeper school cuts School notes Student of the week: Tanna Cole Schools learn lessons in scrimping 'Waxworks' come to life at Ironwood School notes Local kids included in book for Obama Sunnyside hopes to save $250,000 on substitutes Bilingual author touts love of reading


  • Angel Unchained; Army of Darkness; Evil Dead 2; Haunted; Haunting of Julia; Candyman (Don't skip Tony Todd in a brand brand new Transformers flick); Dracula (Gary Oldman); Mindwarp (w/Angus 'Phantasm' Scrimm); Waxworks as g! ood as W axworks 2; Wishmaster as good as Wishmaster 3 as good as 4; Buffy a Vampire Slayer; X Files as good as X Men; Devour as good as Fly Me to a Moon (Houseflies upon Apollo rocket).

    TV Anime Guide for Nov 09 Updated 1 Nov 09

  • Shakespeare sat on the steps of  the larger of the two houses of worship, The Temple of Jesus in the Waxworks, intent on enjoying the final forty - eight of  the seventy - two hours of time that passed for summer in the high country.

    One Night Below Climax

  • So far this is shaping up as another of "Idol's" trademark Singing in the Waxworks finales.

    Lee DeWyze wins 'American Idol' 2010

  • “Waxworks” is the title of the next segment and it features Peter Cushing as a wealthy, retired gentleman that buys the accursed house.

    The House That Dripped Blood (1971)

  • A Vatican spokesman declared that this Coalition of the Waxworks was "in very poor taste."


  • I liked the style of this film, as I did Waxworks.

    The Cat and the Canary

  • The Cat and the Canary is a 1927 silent film directed by German Expressionist Paul Leni, who also directed Waxworks.

    The Cat and the Canary


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