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  • If you're not banning weak passwords, as well as hunting down and killing off the ones left on your network, then you're not doing your job, Weak passwords are an unlocked door into your network.

    eWeek - RSS Feeds

  • Edwin Black's War Against the Weak is a depressing and, in the end frightening, account of how easily science, religion, and reform joined forces with prejudice and political opportunism to attack the weakest among us, both in the United States and elsewhere.

    Darwin Strips Reality of Purpose?

  • I suppose the .40 Short and Weak is a good round and the 10 mm is dying so why bother, just get a .45 ACP and never look back.

    .40 S&W vs.

  • For the record, the one that I'm advocating is usually termed the Weak Anthropic Principle (not weak in the sense that it doesn't stand up to itself well, but not as forceful as the others).

    Planet Atheism

  • But what’s really Weak is LYING to the American people about WHY the attack occurred – because you have to cover up for major political donors and their actions that provoked Sept 11.

    Matthew Yglesias » India’s Response to Terrorism

  • Hawking may be correct, but notice that this formulation of the so-called Weak Anthropic Principle doesn't really satisfy our curiosity.

    Clay Farris Naff: Are We The Reason For The Universe's Existence? The Anthropic Principle Reconsidered

  • The SC consitution provides us with what is called a Weak Governor.

    Sanford e-mail: I've 'crossed lines I never would have imagined'

  • Now realize, every atom has a defensive shield called the Weak Nuclear Force that normally operates to keep out protons and electrons from other atoms.

    How To Form Gold Out Of Baser Metals

  • The fourth property is the so-called Weak Axiom of Revealed Preferences (WARP).


  • Their first attempt at building such a fence was called the Weak Energy Condition (WEC).

    Analog Science Fiction and Fact


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