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  • adj. Of or pertaining to H G Wells (1866-1946), English writer regarded as a progenitor of science fiction, or his writings or politics.


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Wells +‎ -ian


  • Similarly, Proust's Recherche is a fascinating post-Wellsian time-travel story; and Jonathan Littell's Kindly Ones a large-scale exercise in, or deconstruction of, Edgar Rice Burroughsian adventure.

    MIND MELD: Books We Love That Everyone Else Hates (and Vice Versa)

  • It is in other tales that the Wellsian promise is spoken that, thanks to technology and secular humanism, the things to come will make men like gods, as in such as in books called, by no coincidence, Things to Come or Men Like Gods.

    MIND MELD: Gods by the Bushel

  • Meanwhile the book's depiction of a devolved mankind in a wistful far-futurity recalls scenes from HG Wells's The Time Machine – Aldiss has always been a great Wellsian.

    The stars of modern SF pick the best science fiction

  • After all, thought of from a Wellsian perspective, it’s always possible that the Martians could actually be us or us, too, at least -- and not just the madmen among us either.

    Tom Engelhardt: In the Crosshairs: Tucson-Kabul

  • Lowell's "canals" meanwhile inspired both the gentle allegories of Ray Bradbury's "Martian Chronicles" (1950) and C.S. Lewis's counter- Wellsian fable, "Out of the Silent Planet" (1938).

    Attack of the Classics

  • I got an email from the editor of the Wellsian, and they had accepted my essay on H.G.

    Winter Snows, Doubt, and Donna Haraway

  • These efforts ranged from a Wellsian sci-fi spectacle titled The Futurians, to a Hammer Film homage called Calliostro the Sorcerer, to adaptations of Coleridge's "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" and Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart."

    INTERVIEW: James Morrow

  • Ironically, while time machines and invisible men, Cavor's antigravity metal or invaders from Mars, remain dreams no less fantastic now as in the Victorian Era, the Wellsian fiction remains more timely than Verne's more accurate predictions, because the comments on society, on man's place in the universe, always remain pertinent.

    MIND MELD: Is Science Fiction Antithetical to Religion?

  • There are stunning examples - the landmark towers of Ravensden in Bedfordshire, the Wellsian science fiction Mappleton out on the Plain of Holderness.

    Water Marks

  • Ondinium is a Wellsian type metal like Cavorite, lighter then air, and allows the icarii to fly using mechanical wings fashioned from the material.

    “Clockwork Heart” by Dru Pagliassotti


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