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  • proper n. A comparatively rare English occupational surname for someone who made wooden wheels.


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  • Only a short drive up the street from French Memories and the Town Common is a beautiful section of conservation land known as Wheelwright Park. TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at

  • We’d like to invite you for a public test of a puzzle game that we’ve created called Wheelwright!

    MetaPlace Stress Test - SLOG

  • Officers were pulling up to the residence in the 5600 block of Wheelwright Way just before 1 a.m. when police say the husband, Jason Michael Paul, 38, sped away in a Hyundai Santa Fe.

    Man charged after gunfire, police chase

  • Mr. Wheelwright, the former science editor of Life magazine, tiptoes with impressive agility through the minefield; this is one of the rare books on this vexed subject that get the technical stuff right—and that understand that people make what they will of scientific findings.

    The Genetic Outlier

  • As William Blake saw the world in a grain of sand, Mr. Wheelwright has seen in Shonnie Medina's brief life the tangle in which we are enmeshed, as we learn ever more about ourselves and are ever less clear about what to do with the knowledge.

    The Genetic Outlier

  • I wondered why, for instance, Mr. Wheelwright waited to explain how DNA works until halfway through the book.

    The Genetic Outlier

  • Mr. Wheelwright evokes Medina's choices with great sympathy; he helps the reader see why a course of action that looks self-destructive from the outside might have been logical, even necessary, for her.

    The Genetic Outlier

  • Mr. Wheelwright concentrates on the finding that Hispanos like the Medinas have not only BRCA1.185delAG—"Jewish" DNA—but some possibly Jewish customs, such as lighting candles on the Sabbath, suggesting that they may be descended from Jews who pretended to convert to Christianity to escape the Inquisition but who continued to practice their faith in secret.

    The Genetic Outlier

  • As Jeff Wheelwright recounts in his always intriguing, occasionally frustrating "The Wandering Gene and the Indian Princess," Shonnie Medina's brief life was a small part of a recently revealed, centuries-old snarl of race, culture and creed.

    The Genetic Outlier

  • Jews, historically an insular group, were a ready subject for the new discipline of human genetics, as Mr. Wheelwright recounts.

    The Genetic Outlier


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