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  • This year, the theme is "Wika Mo, Wikang Filipino, Wika ng Mundo, Mahalaga!"

    2008: Year in Review

  • Masyadong nahaggard nung celebration ng Buwan ng Wika.

    Archive 2006-08-01

  • We have an official national language that nobody really speaks (see "Buwan ng Wika 2007"), and students are forced to memorize countless "national" odds and ends (e.g., national bird, national tree), but what is it exactly that makes inhabitants of the Philippines truly Filipino?

    The Philippines: Singular and Plural

  • So this post is technically late as a tribute to our heroes, but it's still in time for the end of Buwan ng Wika.

    Talumpati: Raul Manglapus

  • And then there's the parent who's doing her kid's homework and asking if I can do it for her:This is not a comment about what you have written, rather I would like to ask you if you could translate the theme "Wika mo, Wika ng mundo, mahalaga" in six different dialects of the Philippines?

    75 Comments on One Post

  • For some reason, it's not possible to leave comments on "Buwan ng Wika 2007."

    75 Comments on One Post

  • Even "Buwan ng Wika 2006" merited 17 comments, all of them written two years after the post went up.

    Archive 2008-10-01

  • August: Buwan ng Wika 2007Supposedly, Filipino is the national language of the Philippines, but if you speak a language spoken in the Philippines other than Tagalog, you are probably unlikely to accept that Filipino (the language) is Tagalog (and it's not).

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • My post on "Buwan ng Wika 2008" wasn't even the type that I expected to attract 75 comments, which has never happened to any of my posts in such a short time.

    75 Comments on One Post

  • It looks like there is so little information available on "Buwan ng Wika" that students, teachers, and parents go online and look for answers on blogs like mine.

    75 Comments on One Post


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