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  • adj. Of or pertaining to Woodrow Wilson or his policies
  • adj. Of or pertaining to Harold Wilson or his policies


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From Wilson +‎ -ian


  • Nor was he even a "Wilsonian" - Cooper argues that like Karl Marx, he would hardly recognize the self-aggrandizing ideals that now bear his name.

    NYT > Home Page

  • All of this comes down to us as what's called Wilsonian idealism.

    Democracy Now!

  • But "Wilsonian" attitudes, self-righteous and messianic, do run throughout our history and do sometimes spill over into our foreign policy.

    Andrew Levine: When the Leaders Speak of Human Rights

  • Those who hailed as "Wilsonian" George Bush's delusional goal of building a liberal Western-style democracy in Iraq should be sobered by the latest report from the United Nations.

    William Fisher: UN Report: Rights Abuses In Iraq

  • The term "Wilsonian," in foreign policy lingo, refers to the view that democracy and human rights can and should be advanced abroad at gunpoint …


  • Indeed, the adjective "Wilsonian," still in use, implies a positive if idealistic vision for the extension of justice and democratic values throughout the world.

    Reason Magazine

  • Neocons and Wilsonian Hawks … a match made in heaven.

    Matthew Yglesias » Bipartisan Policy Center to Represent Hawks, Super-Hawks

  • Even more intriguing has been the way Israeli officials and pundits have scoffed at the Wilsonian fantasies of the neocons — fantasies of using the invasion of Iraq as the first stage of “democratizing” the Middle East.

    Matthew Yglesias » Do Critics of Israeli Policy Whine Too Much?

  • As I said initially, one can easily argue the justifications for the war – it has been a Wilsonian “export Democracy” project all along, and I have no trouble with honest disagreement as to whether that was a good idea or not.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Embrace

  • Not to keep on the “I told you so” train here, but the Wilsonian hawks and their neocon supporters are slowly but surely populating Foggy Bottom.

    Matthew Yglesias » Dennis Ross is So Very Special


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