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  • "Give me a fine bottle of wine and some Wite-Out and I'll knock $1 billion out of the budget without raising taxes," Mr. Scott said.

    An Antitax Crusade

  • He scratched out what he'd written and started over above it, like I used to do in the days before Wite-Out, the custom-blended fluid that delivers precise corrections with no messy brush.

    I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Thank-You Note

  • Even the campus bookstore, in an announcement on the university Web site, was stocking up on Wite-Out to help faculty members update their cards.

    Overdue name change at Johns Hopkins timed for April 1

  • I remember only the useless things I hear — that Bob Dylan's mother invented Wite-Out, that twenty-three people must be in a room before there is a fifty-fifty chance two will have the same birthday.

    In the Cemetery Where Al Jolson is Buried

  • I keep a supply of them on hand, camouflaged to look like Wite-Out, the leader in typewriter correction fluids.

    Matt Slade, Esq.--Pro Bono Czar

  • ISTR having seen enamel "repair kits" which consisted of a small bottle of liquid material with brush applicator attached to the inside of the cap, much like automobile touch-up paint, or "Wite-Out" type typewriter correction fluid.

    Making Light: Open thread 135

  • Truss empowers the reader, armed with Wite-Out and a Sharpie, to fix the world's extraneous or missing apostrophes.

    Three Books For Surviving Graduate School

  • My typing, even after all these years, is so horrible that any page I try to do on a typewriter is likely to end up having enough Wite-Out on it to make it rigid. it was such a revelation, when I first used my roommate's MAC II back in college, to be able to simply back up over an error, retype and go on.

    The right tool

  • My mom told me that before they had computers, students corrected their mistakes with Wite-Out.

    Talent Show

  • Who cares that being chosen means spending your junior year proving your worth and your loyalty by performing maddening duties like using Wite-Out on any piece of paper in the recycling bin that has less than three lines of text on it?



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